Today, Tuesday 13 February 2024, Parkside Community College has begun the formal four-week consultation period on the future of Parkside Sixth.

Facing a national reduction in Sixth Form funding, and a decrease in student numbers at Parkside Sixth since 2019, we believe it is in the best interests of our school and wider community to reassess our Sixth Form provision from September 2025 and moving forward.

This consultation and the decision taken thereafter will not impact on any students currently studying in our Sixth Form or who have applied to join as part of our 2024 cohort. Our commitment to providing a high-quality education remains unwavering and we will continue to do all we can to ensure our Sixth Formers excel during their time at Parkside.

The consultation period will run from 13 February 2024 until 11 March 2024. You can download the Consultation Document, which sets out the rationale in more detail, from the link below. 

Parkside Sixth Consultation Document.pdf

A public meeting led by the Principal and the Chair of Governors will be held at Parkside Community College, Main Hall on 05 March 2024, at 17:00. This will provide an opportunity to discuss the proposal and ask any questions related to the potential closure of the Sixth Form. Further events will be arranged if required

Alternatively, we welcome comments and feedback in writing, if preferred. A consultation response form has been included at the end of the Consultation Document and can be submitted by the deadline date of 11 March 2024 via the email address consultation@parksidecc.org.uk, by post or handed to school reception.

All the responses to the consultation will be considered carefully. If the school and United Learning decide to proceed with the closure of the Sixth Form, then a formal request will be made to the Department for Education for their approval before anything is actioned. 

We very much encourage you to contribute to this consultation process to ensure any decision about the future of Parkside Sixth is as informed as possible and in the best interests of both our school and our local community.