There are various ways parents and guardians can communicate with staff at Parkside. 

Your child’s form tutor 

Your child’s form tutor plays a vital role in supporting them with their wellbeing and academic achievements. Their tutor is also the first point of contact for parents/ guardians and is the primary link between home and school. The majority of questions and concerns can be dealt with by the tutor. For anything more serious, please contact your child's Head of Year. 

Your child’s subject teacher 

For subject-specific questions, please feel free to contact your child’s subject teacher. Email addresses are first name.surname@parksidecc.org.uk  Example: john.smith@parksidecc.org.uk 

You can find a list of the current Parkside staff names here.

If you are unsure of the name of any teacher you wish to email, please send your enquiry to pks-enquiries@parksidecc.org.uk and we will be pleased to forward this onto the correct member of staff.  

There are also lots of other ways that parents/guardians can communicate with the school and learn more about school life 

  1. Our weekly newsletter “Parklife” outlines key information as well as showcasing student achievements.
  2. Our regular school surveys which ask for feedback from families 
  3. Live town hall meetings (including our Principal’s Q & A) 
  4. Information evenings for year groups 
  5. Parents’ evening which will now be on parentcloud. 
  6. Celebration events 

To request copies of any of the information on our website please contact pks-enquiries@parksidecc.org.uk 


Telephone: 01223 712600