Clubs and Activities

We are proud of the vibrant range of clubs and activities available for our students, such as sports, music, debating, and social action. 

Duke of Edinburgh

Please visit our Duke of Edinburgh page to find out more

Music Tuition

As well as the reward of gaining a new skill, learning to sing or play an instrument can help to develop other qualities including self-discipline, confidence, memory skills and coordination. We have a range of peripatetic music teachers at Parkside Community College. If you are interested in instrumental or vocal tuition, or would like some more information, please contact Ms Lewis: rebecca.lewis@coleridgecc.org.uk

Financial assistance may be available in some circumstances. Please let us know if you would like more information. 

Parkside Clubs List

The list below summarises our clubs programme for this year. You can view full details here


Who Time Where
Basketball Y7-11 girls 3.30-4.30 Gym
Debate Club All years 3.10-4.00 Hall
Drama Club KS3 3.10-4.00 Drama Studio
Funk Band All years cluster wide 4.30-5.45 Coleridge Music Room
Gardening Club Planning All years 12:50-13:30 Quad (Gardening takes place after school 15:10)
Hockey KS4 4.00-5.15 Parker's Piece
Ukulele/Guitar KS3 3.10-4.00 P21 Music
Dungeons & Dragons All years 3.15-4.30 TBC
Multi-sport KS4 Girls 4.00-5.15 Gym
Football KS3 Boys 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
Brass Ensemble Brass players cluster wide 4.00-5.00 P21 Music
Basketball Y8/9 Boys 3.30-4.30 Gym
Christian Union All years 3.15-4.15 Quad or Room 2 if wet
DT Club KS3 3.10-4.00 P25 DT Room
Football KS4 Boys 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
Hockey KS3 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
French targetted support KS3 & Y10 3.10-4.00 Room 16
French targetted support Y11 3.10-4.00 Room 15
Running Y7-11 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
PFO Orchestra All years cluster wide 6.00-7.00 Coleridge Radegund Hall/Music Room
VOX Choir All years cluster wide 4.00-5.30 Coleridge Radegund Hall
Art Club KS3 3.10-4.00 Room 27
Basketball U16 Boys 4.00-5.15 Gym
Basketball Y7 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece/Gym
Football Y7-11 Girls 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
Maths targetted support KS4 4.00-4.50 P22
Poetry society All years 3.30-4.30 P03
Rugby Y7-9 3.30-4.30 Parker's Piece
Social Action Group All years 3:15-4:30 P01
Sparx support KS3 3.10-4.00 P22
String Orchestra String players cluster wide 3.10-4.00 P21 Music
Music GCSE Composition/Revision GCSE Music Students 4.00-5.00 P21 Music
Indoor rowing Y7-11 7.30-8.00am Gym
Little Big Band All years cluster wide 4.00-5.00 Coleridge Music Room
Parkside Times newsletter All years Virtual Virtual