Parkside Community College is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people in our care. We expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. 

Our fundamental principles are:

  • The welfare of the child is paramount
  • Safeguarding is everyone’s responsibility

Reporting a Concern 

Mrs R Biltcliffe is our Designated Safeguarding Lead and Prevent Lead and can be contacted on rachel.biltcliffe@parksidecc.org.uk should you wish to raise a concern.

Other members of the Safeguarding Team are:

Our Safeguarding at Parkside leaflet further explains our principles, what we do and how visitors can play a role in safeguarding. 

For students, there is a self-referral form which can be used by any student with a concern.

You can view our Safeguarding Policy on our Policies Page and here are our guides for dealing with specific safeguarding issues:
There are also a range of services and places to get support externally. Here are some links to safeguarding websites and resources, where you can find advice and report any concerns you may have: 

If you have an urgent concern about the safety of a young person, you can contact the Cambridgeshire Safeguarding and Child Protection team on  0345 045 5203 (8-6pm Monday to Friday) or 01733 234 724 (out of hours), or contact the police on 999.