The Key Stage 3 music curriculum aims to deepen students' knowledge, skill and understanding of music through performance, composition and appreciation. Lesson delivery will prepare students for the requirements of GCSE and beyond, through the: 

  • application of knowledge, skills and understanding in the form of performance 
  • development of technical and expressive skills (as both performers and composers) 
  • creative and imaginative response to a range of stimuli 
  • use of imagination, problem solving, creativity and the synthesis of ideas 
  • application of musical knowledge, skills and understanding in componsition (using live musical instruments and music software) 
  • communication of ideas, feelings, emotions, meanings and moods (as performers and composers) 
  • articulation of knowledge and critical reflection in order to inform artistic practice 
  • critical appreciation of music (developing listening skills) 
  • critical analysis, interpretation, evaluation, and appreciation of key compositions/set works 

For further information please email Ms Reid:fran.reid@parksidecc.org.uk