We aim to equip students with both a well-mastered toolkit of mathematical techniques and an understanding of how these might be applied to solve more complex problems. We aim to help students understand the varied real-world applications of mathematics and also to appreciate that the study of mathematics is a worthwhile endeavour in its own right which develops logical and abstract reasoning skills as well as attention to detail. 

Our curriculum promotes the role of communication within mathematics, teaching students to articulate their reasoning and to collaborate formally and informally in class. Having developed fluency in mathematical processes, students will also learn how to apply them to investigate unfamiliar situations and how to create or refine mathematical models of both abstract and real-world situations. 

Some aspects of the KS3 Computing curriculum are taught through KS3 maths lessons. The mathematics department oversees the teaching of GCSE Computing.

For further information about the mathematics or computing curriculum, contact Mr Biltcliffe (Head of Department): adam.biltcliffe@parksidecc.org.uk