Encompassing History, Geography, Economics, Psychology and Philosophy, Ethics & Religion, the Individual & Societies department develops within our young learners a critical appreciation of human experience and behaviour, the varieties of physical, economic and social environments that people inhabit and the history of social and cultural institutions. In addition, each subject is designed to foster in students the capacity to identify, to analyse critically and to evaluate theories, concepts and arguments relating to the nature and activities of individuals and societies. Individual & Societies is an inclusive, enjoyable, department that sets high expectations of our students who are also encouraged to be self-motivated and critical independent thinkers. 

In History, students undertake a chronological and conceptual journey from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 5, taking in diverse subjects such as The Norman Conquest, African Societies, Muslim Dynasties, the Slave Trade, Elizabethan Society, World War 1, the Suffragettes, the Holocaust and USA Civil Rights. On into 6th form students look at the historical evolution of the nature of power, what constitutes an Authoritarian State and what are the conditions required for such a society to come about. Students learn to evaluate different historical concepts such as causation, change, significance, diversity and the use of historical evidence to identify, challenge and construct historical interpretations. 

For further information about History, please contact the Head of Department, Mr Turner mark.turner@parksidecc.org.uk