Encompassing History, Geography, Economics, Psychology and Philosophy, Ethics & Religion, the Individual & Societies department develops within our young learners a critical appreciation of human experience and behaviour, the varieties of physical, economic and social environments that people inhabit and the history of social and cultural institutions. In addition, each subject is designed to foster in students the capacity to identify, to analyse critically and to evaluate theories, concepts and arguments relating to the nature and activities of individuals and societies. I & S is an inclusive, enjoyable, department that sets high expectations of our students who are also encouraged to be self-motivated and critical independent thinkers. 

Students will cover a wide variety of topics encompassing both human and physical Geography. In Key Stage 3 they will look at areas such as weather, tectonics, coasts and disease then they will undertake fieldwork on climate change. In Key Stage 4 their work becomes more detailed and will consider topics such as resource management and natural hazards. In 6th form they will further consider the global climate, its vulnerability and resilience as well as changing population and urban environments. 

For further information about Geography, please contact: 

Mr Foulkes (Lead teacher for Geography) darren.foulkes@parksidecc.org.uk