We are an inclusive, fun, and caring department that encourages critical thinking, rigorous debate, and empathetic understanding of a range of viewpoints within real-world contexts. Through high expectations, exposure to an extensive range of texts, and a supportive, non-judgemental atmosphere, students are motivated to succeed and they are taught to clearly articulate themselves through spoken and written language, as well as becoming perceptive readers. 

In English lessons, as well as through wider reading, students are encouraged to see literature not just as something to be analysed, but also as a way to understand the wider world and the global issues that affect all of our lives. In the written form, students are encouraged to carefully consider how they craft a range of texts to meet the needs of specific audiences and purposes, valuing sophisticated vocabulary and originality. 

For further information about the English curriculum, please contact the Acting Head of Department, Ms Lever: natalie.lever@parksidecc.org.uk