Drama is a practical based subject accessible to all students. It is delivered in a safe space allowing students to interact positively with their peers to discuss topic-based issues and real-life scenarios. The creativity and problem-solving nature of the subject requires students to develop confidence and life skills well beyond the classroom. Students delve into the history of theatre and look at a variety of styles to broaden their horizons of what they already know, whilst also looking at more modern developments and linking topics to subjects across the curriculum. Students study a variety of play texts and practitioners, whilst also having the opportunity to devise their own pieces of practical work. There have also been some strong extra curriculum links to people currently working in the industry.  

Our Drama curriculum will give students the opportunity to: 

  • develop creativity by understanding the benefits of participation in the arts, performance and creativity during their school journey 
  • develop cooperation and collaboration 
  • build confidence in communication by developing vocal and physical skills 
  • explore social issues through drama to develop tolerance and understanding 
  • be exposed to different peoples’ perspectives and emotions on issues and events 
  • learn and use subject specific vocabulary effectively 
  • study the history and influence of different practitioners on drama 
  • understand how to apply and analyse different stylistic qualities such as naturalism, physical theatre, comedy 
  • develop an ability to evaluate their own and others’ work 

For further information about the Drama curriculum, contact Ms Evans: natalie.evans@parksidecc.org.uk