Students at Parkside Sixth are expected to attend all lessons unless an acceptable reason is given, for example, traffic accident resulting in travel delays, illness, external exams. If a student is unable to attend a lesson, they must email the Sixth Form Administrator, Head of Sixth Form and their teacher(s). Parents/guardians will be contacted if they were not the ones to contact us.

Students should make every effort to arrive at lessons promptly. Multiple incidents of late lessons will result in a conversation with the students’ tutor. If this does not resolve the issue, then parents/guardians will be contacted.

Students are expected to sign in and out using Inventory when they arrive at Parkside Community College (any building). They do not need to sign in and out when walking between buildings.  If a student has a study period during the school day, when they are not expected to be in a lesson, they are allowed to leave the Parkside site and will not be monitored by Parkside staff. They are expected to sign out and then back in again if they leave during the school day for lunch or to work at home. Parkside Sixth is not responsible for the students when they are off-site.

  • What should students do during their study periods?

    Study! Students can use the library or Eden Centre study room for quiet study in school, or they can sign out and study at home or in the city library.

  • Am students allowed to go out for a coffee or to buy lunch?

    Yes, but they need to sign out and then back in again so we have a log of who is present on the school premises.

  • What happens if a student have a medical appointment?

    Medical appointments should be made for outside of lesson times unless this is impossible. Students may be asked to show evidence (e.g. an appointment text) that this appointment has been made.

  • What happens if a teacher is absent?

    If there is a cover lesson, students are expected to register with Jo Cesaro in the Eden Centre, and to be dismissed by her at the end of the lesson. They will then complete the work in the EC study room, EC-G or EC1a. For students who would be travelling in for a cover lesson, and no taught lessons, working from home may be authorised on a case-by-case basis in discussion with the Assistant Principal.

  • How can students request a planned absence?

    For planned absences, students need to complete an Absence Request Form and get it authorised by the Executive Principal. This would include single day activities such as university visits.

  • What happens if a student feels unwell during the day?

    If a student is feeling unwell during the day, and needs to go home, they must sign out with Jo Cesaro. In the rare occurrence that a student might need to attend A&E, parents/guardians will be informed immediately and a first aider may accompany them to the hospital.

  • Will parents be contacted?

    Parkside Sixth will normally continue to liaise with parents up until the end of the student’s study programmes, which may include any period after the student has reached the age of 18.  Students who are 18 or over have the right to ask Parkside Sixth not to release information to parents.

  • What happens if a student’s attendance and punctuality is low?

    The student’s Head of Year will be in contact with the student and their parents, and we will offer various supportive measures to help improve attendance and punctuality. This will include in the first instance a tutor report. If necessary, more serious measures may be taken in conjunction with the Assistant Principal.