A day in the life

Life at Parkside Sixth will be varied and exciting!

Our current sudent Sasha says:

A typical day for me, at Parkside Sixth, starts anywhere between 9:30 and 11:30. I take some time to myself in the morning before doing some work at home or going to the main site library before my lesson. It’s always peacefully quiet there in the morning, so perfect to get in the right headspace for the day. 

The morning lessons always go by quickly. Break we tend to spend on Parker’s Piece, hoping to soak up some sun before class. 

Some classes are more discussion based, which really helps you to gain a deep understanding of the content, as you are explaining and interpreting it. Others may be more focused on independent work to solidify the knowledge or even practical, such as a field trip to Parker’s Piece to measure CO2 levels, traffic volume and pollution, for geography. 

Lunch may be a meal heated up in the Eden Centre Kitchen and a hot drink if it’s cold and wet outside, or a coffee from Aromi and lunch on Parker's Piece if it’s warm and sunny to enjoy a bit of Cambridge’s charm before the afternoon classes begin.  A free period somewhere during the day, usually means an hour in the library to finish off some homework, work on refining my EE and ToK exhibition, updating CAS or doing some general revision. My classes always finish at 4:50 which means the school building is nice and empty as I’m leaving, but the sun is still shining, and it is light for the cycle ride back home, to conclude a typical day at Parkside Sixth.

A typical day for Emily is:

On a typical Tuesday – which is my least busy day in terms of lessons–  I will be on a bus by 8am, and arrive at the Eden Centre for period 1&2 double history. We do a lot of discussion work and are currently learning about the downfall of Mussolini, which is extremely interesting.

Then after break, I have a double free where I will get homework done or do some revision. We have tutor time in lunch A, where we will have a talk, explore UCAS, or do PSHE. Next I spend lunch with my friends in the common room, and there is always time to go to Poundland!

Then I have biology, where we are working on our Internal Assessment. After biology I go to the hall with two of my friends to prepare for our pantomime rehearsal. We set up a pantomime for the lower school, and this is very close to finishing now! Then after the rehearsal I travel by bus again, and arrive home around 6pm in time for tea.

Then I go to my church youth club with my friends, and relax afterwards (unless there’s some urgent homework!)

Find here some example timetables based on the subject choices of our current students.