Choosing your subjects

Which Subjects Should I Choose?

The IB Diploma is a highly flexible programme, so when it comes to choosing subjects think about the following:

  • What subjects do you think you will enjoy?
  • What subjects will you do well in? What are your strengths that you can build upon? See here for Entry Requirements.
  • What are the subjects which relate to your career or university goals?

Here are some example combinations to help inspire you:

The medic English Lit SL Spanish ab initio SL Psychology HL Biology HL Chemistry HL Maths A&I SL
The engineer English Lang & Lit SL Spanish SL Economics SL Physics HL Chemistry HL Maths A&A HL
The all-rounder English Lang & Lit HL French HL History SL Physics HL Maths A&A SL Film SL
The social scientist English Lit SL German SL Economics HL Psychology HL ESS SL Maths A&I HL
The linguist English Lit HL French HL Italian ab initio SL History HL Biology SL Maths A&I SL
The artist English Lang & Lit HL Italian ab initio SL Geography HL ESS SL Maths A&I SL Visual arts HL