Ofsted Report

We are an Outstanding school, once again!

Parkside Community College has been rated ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted, following the inspection in April 2023.

We have maintained this ‘Outstanding’ judgment from our last inspection in 2017.

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In their report, inspectors highlighted:

This is a small school where pupils enrich their understanding of a much wider world. Pupils embrace their teachers very high expectations about behaviour and learning. Pupils know their teachers help them to be at their very best in everything they do.

Ambition is at the heart of the school curriculum. Teachers ensure pupils regularly practise what they have learned which helps them to remember knowledge exceptionally well. Teachers enable pupils, including students in the sixth form, to think critically. They learn to synthesise different viewpoints and use evidence to support their arguments and express their ideas articulately. Pupils support each other in lessons and respectfully challenge each other’s opinions.

Pupils enjoy a multitude of clubs and other extracurricular activities. This helps them to socialise, widen their cultural knowledge and hone important skills. Pupils and students in the sixth form make a valuable contribution to school life and the wider community.

Teachers are happy. They appreciate how the trust s support helps them develop their own subject knowledge. They concur that leaders collaborate with them to ensure their workload is manageable. Leaders provide regular training to equip teachers with strong subject knowledge.

Craig Morrison, Executive Principal at Parkside Community College, said:

I am thrilled that Parkside Community College continues to be an ‘Outstanding’ school. The inspectors’ report reflects what an aspirational, inclusive and friendly school community we have built and I would like to thank everyone – including staff, students and their families – for their ongoing role in ensuring the school’s success. I am sure that Parkside will continue to flourish in the months and years to come.

Parents are welcome to give their views at any time either to the school directly, or by completing the Ofsted Parent View.